In order to comply with best industry security practices and adhere to the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) and General Data Protection Regulation's (GDPR) principles we cannot accept the submission of sensitive information such as employee records via email. 

We have made a secure file transfer service available to submit your files. 

Step 1: Select the Admin tab

Step 2: Click on the Documents icon 

Step 3: Click on the Upload New Document button 

Step 4: Give your file a Name 

Step 5: Click on the choose file button to browse your computer for the file you would like to upload

Step 6: Click on the Upload button 

Step 7: Send us an email to informing us of your new file upload. 

Please note that your uploaded file will be securely destroyed once it has been used for the purpose it was supplied. This is an irreversible process, so please ensure you keep a secure back-up of the file before uploading it.