Step 1: Click on the Admin tab 

Step 2: Click on Manage users

Step 3: Click on the New User icon at the bottom of the page to create a new user. Please ensure you have searched the database before creating your user to ensure you do not create a duplicate

Step 4: Click on Show users 

Step 5: Click on Add single user 

Step 6: Select which client to assign the user to. Note: you might be the administrator for more than one client. 

Step 7:  Select which group(s) to add the user to. The user must belong to at least one group. The user will be automatically assigned any policies assigned to the selected group. 

Step 8: Complete the desired fields. At a minimum you must supply a First name, Last name and Email. If the user does not have their own email address then we require their ID number to ensure duplicated users are not created on the system. A shared email address will still have to be supplied in the correspondence email field. Note: the Onboarding mode is no longer in use and will be removed at a later stage.  

Step 9: Click Create user. Well done your user has now been added to the group. Any existing policies linked to that group will automatically be assigned to them.