Creating a new policy/document consists of sections:

  1. Adding/uploading your policy/document file 
  2. Adding optional questions/testing to the policy
  3. Adding optional employee acknowledgement/attestation and/or feedback 
  4. Publishing your policy/document

1. Adding/uploading your policy/document file:

Follow the below steps to create your new policy for distribution: 

Step 1.1: Click on the ADMIN tab

Step 1.2: Click on the New Policy icon under Policies for Distribution 

Step 1.3: Select the client name you would like to link this policy to by ticking the box under Select which clients to make this policy available to. Note: you might be an administrator for more than one client or business unit

Step 1.4: Once you have selected an organisation or business unit, you will be presented with all the groups that belong to that organisation or business unit. Select all the groups you would like to assign this policy to. All users that already belong or get added to these groups will automatically be assigned this policy. Removed users will have the policy deactivated and removed from their profile should any other group they also belong to not have this policy assigned to it

Step 1.5: Select a policy Category from the available dropdown list. Should a category not be available, simply enter it into the box below to create your own category. Your category will be available from the dropdown list the next time you create a new policy

Step 1.6: Enter your Policy name 

Step 1.7: Enter your Policy version 

Step 1.8: You are able to enter an optional Note for the policy. This will then display a pop-up notice to the employee when they read the policy. It is useful to highlight certain sections of information for the employee. 

Step 1.9: Tick the box named Would you like to be reminded to review this policy in the future? if you would like to receive a reminder email to update or review this policy on your selected date

Step 1.10 Optionally you can enter a Document owner 

Step 1.11 Optionally you can enter the Approved by person for this document with the Date approved 

Step 1.12 You may also enter the Days to complete if you would like to give employees a certain amount of days to completed the policy in. This will then show on the policy report. Any persons who have not completed the policy in time will display with a value of FALSE in the report. Please note this will not disable or hide the policy from the employee if it has not been completed in time, it will only show as an exception on the report.  

Step 1.13: Click on Upload policy file to browse your computer for the PDF document you would like to upload 

Step 1.14: Click on Upload PDF Policy

2. Adding optional questions/testing to the policy

Testing is optional should you wish to skip this step click on the No button. To add questions follow the steps below: 

Step 2.1: Click Yes

Step 2.2: Enter how many questions you would like to ask the employee. You will be required to add this minimum amount of questions. Any additional questions will be added to a "test pool", and served in random order to the employee. If you want to ensure all employees are asked the exact same questions then only add the minimum required amount of questions. 

Step 2.3: Enter your question text in the first field 

Step 2.4: Enter all the questions answer options in the below Answer option fields and tick which ones are correct. You may select more than one correct answer option as the correct one. Click on the + Add another answer option to add more options for the employee to choose from. Please note: answer options are served in random order and will not be displayed in the order uploaded

Step 2.5: Enter an optional explanation that will be shown to the employee when the questions is answered

Step 2.6: Click next to add your next question. 

Once you have added the minimum required amount of questions when you will be given the opportunity to add more questions by clicking on Create additional question. You can also edit and delete questions.

Please note: Your policy will not be made available to employees if you have not uploaded the minimum amount of required questions. 

Click next to proceed to the next section. 

3. Adding optional employee acknowledgement/attestation and/or feedback

Employee acknowledgement and feedback are optional. Click on complete if you would like to skip this step. 

Step 3.1: Tick the box User must provide feedback upon completion if you would like the employee to add any feedback on the document they have just read. Employee comments will then be made available in the policy report for review. 

Step 3.2: Tick the box User must acknowledge policy. The employee will then be required to attest/acknowledge the policy they have read according to the terms you stipulate. Default text is added for your convenience and can be edited in the text box. 

Step 3.3: Click Complete

You will then automatically be taken to the reporting overview for the policy you have just uploaded. You may make further edits my clicking on Edit policy.

4. Publishing your policy/document (Making it live) 

Step 4.1: Once you have completed the step of adding the optional acknowledgement you will be directed to the policy's dashboard screen. Click on the Publish now button to assign your policy/document to all the groups you selected in step 1.4

Your policy/document can be unpublished by clicking on the Edit Policy button and then unticking the published check box. This will then hide the policy/document from all users if they were assigned the policy previously. To publish your policy again simply tick the published check box again. 

All employees in your selected groups will  be assigned this policy automatically if marked as published. Users added at a later stage in the corresponding group will also be enrolled on this policy. Removed users from the group will automatically have the policy removed from their profiles. 

Email notifications informing users they have new policies to read will only be sent the following morning. This is to ensure only one aggregated email is received if multiple policies are assigned during the day.