The admin dashboard gives you complete control over Policy Passport for your organisation. You can access the admin dashboard by clicking on the ADMIN tab next to DASHBOARD and MY POLICIES


The admin dashboard is broken up into several categories: 

  • Policies for distribution: Here you can create, upload and archive documents/policies and manage existing ones. You are also able to view a report per document/policy on its completion status. 
  • Draft policies for review: This is where you create, upload and archive documents/policies that are undergoing a review process and are only visible to a select few for comment and feedback before being uploaded under Policies for distribution for broader dissemination. It also allows you to view the feedback provided on each document/policy. 
  • Users: Here you can create new users, edit existing users or view a user's profile. Please note that bulk upload requests can be sent to Compliance Online for upload. You are also able to access reporting on a group level to see the status of all assigned documents/policies for that group. 
  • Reviewers: Here you can create your various review groups and assign review users to each group to receive the documents/policies for review. 
  • Reports: This gives you a full and comprehensive report of the status of all your assigned documents/policies per employee in spreadsheet format.