Password-less login is only available at the request of your employer. Should they have opted for a password-less login, you will be able to follow the below instructions. For password-less login we require your mobile number and an active email address. To update any of your personal information and to request password-less login to be enabled on your profile, please contact us

Step 1: Enter your username on the login screen, and you will receive a message informing you that a verification code has been sent via SMS or email. 

By default, a verification code will be sent to your mobile number that we have on record. Should we not have your mobile number, we will send the code to your email address. We display the last 2 digits of your mobile number. Please ensure the digits match with your mobile number. If this is incorrect, please contact us to correct your user profile. 

An example of a verification code received by SMS is displayed below: 

You will be given the opportunity to request your verification code again via SMS or email if you have not received it by the time the indicator bar has completed. 

Step 2: Enter your verification code in the password field. 

You have successfully been logged in.